Feast wordpress theme – facebook fanpage and restaurent

Feast wordpress theme - facebook fanpage and restaurent

Feast wordpress theme is a very rich functionality wordpress theme which you will not find in any other theme. You can use this theme for designing any business site but it has some special features for which you can use it for restaurant website also. The extra functionality to run a restaurant website is included very boldly in feast wordpress theme.

Some of the prominent features of feast wordpress theme is mentioned below:

Facebook Fanpage: Now you can easily set facebook fanpage for your website. A proper facebook fanpage will surely boast your traffic as well as page ranking.

Advanced custom calendar: Custom calendar functionality will help to schedule your events for one day or multiple day with an ease built in options. Now you can show your events in the sidebar very easily which will certainly attract your visitors.

Custom Table bookings app: The most important functionality for a restaurant theme is custom table booking system. You may were using others booking system plugin but feast wordpress theme has brought to you this system with an built in integrated way. So , you can manage your restaurant without much more difficulties and also you can send reminders to customers who have an booking.

Proper Google Maps integration: Previously I was also troubling myself using maps properly with a plugin feast wordpress theme has made it as an integrated system so now your customers can easily find you on maps.

Awesome unique widgets: We all know widgets are very important for designing wordpress website properly. Some important widgets which normally you can’t find for free of cost like menu carousel to display moving menus or images, newsletter widgets so that your customers can get updated news about your business, customers feedback system, and the most used twitter feed widgets is now free with feast wordpress theme.

In the feast wordpress wordpress theme there are 24 color combinations from which you can choose your favorite one. Also it has a team page and unique blog layouts which will for sure meet your customized requirements.

Every functionality of the feast wordpress theme from begging to end is well documented from http://themeforest.net and we have included it in the download so that you can design your wordpress website like a pro-designer without much more difficulties. Most of the theme on http://wpclobber.com comes with xml demo content can have your first setup very easily which is important to understand different functionality of specific theme. Some of the theme also have complete video tutorial to give you the most interactive lesson about your wordpress theme. You will also found that almost all of the wordpress theme on wpclobber.com support complete localization. All of the premium themes on our websites are cross-browser compatible. All of the premium themes on our websites are cross-browser compatible.

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